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The Importance of Play


It has long been cited that play creates vital pathways for significant brain development. Interestingly, play has more recently been linked to a healthy mental state and learning. Playing is learning. For anyone who cares for children in an education setting, home environment or during the holiday period then this article is for you.

Did you know that children learn best when they are given the opportunity to explore and play?

At Tails & Beau we adopt a play-based approach in much of what we do. Our expert teachers and teaching assistants recognise the importance of play and create opportunities for children to thrive in environments where the children are placed at the heart of their experiences. This means our professional team set-up tasks, activities and breaks throughout the day for children to explore the garden, play with friends, equipment and toys. Unstructured play is often evident during garden time and the children direct their own play. The unstructured play helps a child develop the neural connections in the brain, which allows information to flow though the brain. By allowing unstructured play to take place outdoors holds even more benefits, and we are so lucky that we always plan, find and secure venues with outdoor garden space for our children.

Why play matters?

Sadly, much of what our children do in modern life and especially in London is structured, academic and rigidly planned. At Tails & Beau we aim to provide unstructured play in the outdoors to build our children’s happiness, curiosity, self worth and confidence.

Our final words here are never; ever underestimate the importance of play!



The most researched play benefits have been known to develop the prefrontal cortex, which works the brains ability to regulate emotions, make plans and solve problems. Our children are often negotiating, taking turns and inventing their own games. It is wonderful to watch the children invent their own fun, and of course, we are always there to join in and help.

Our Staff

Our staff are very much present in all we do but the opportunity for creativity is at the front of our pedagogy.  Children are given endless praise throughout their day for even the smallest of accomplishments, and the benefits we see are huge. The children are noticeably happy, and feel a huge sense of independent success. We have talent shows at the end of each day, and it is often this activity where the children particularly thrive. Children are given the opportunity to choose a theme, choose an act and often want to perform on their own after a short period of time practicing. The audience erupt with appreciation of each other’s work and the delight on the performers face is magic.