Children in a huddle

‘Spreading the LOVE, TALENT and PASSION of others’

Visiting Guests at Tails and Beau – an important part of our vision.

Hello again. So as you might have seen before we LOVE incorporating the talents of others into our programme here at Tails and Beau. Between Tally and I, we have lots of friends and family who inspire us on a daily basis. It was part of our business plan to invite visiting specialists into Tails and Beau, and to deliver workshops to our children – with the primary aim to enrich minds.

There were two main focal points to this. Firstly, the boys and girls would be given the opportunity to experience workshops that were different to anything else, and secondly we wanted to be the first activity camp to offer an exceptionally enriching programme.

Our visiting guests are all professionals in their own field. Many of whom, have worked tirelessly to create successful businesses, primarily on their own. Our guests speak to the children with passion, lead by example and deliver the most inspiring insight into their professional lives. The children are always physically, mentally and creatively active in all sessions. We are not the sort to keep the children glued to a chair with only listening skills needed! A typical day at Tails and Beau could look like this (when I say typical, I mean this loosely as every day is fantastically different)

9am Welcome Dance and Register
9.10am Settling in games
9.30am Canvas Art Activity
10.15am Snack
10.45am Visiting Interior Architecture Workshop. Children designed their ‘dream’ room whilst being guided by Interior Designers.
12pm Sporting Activities
12.30pm Lunch and free time
1.20pm Yoga Session led by visiting Yoga Teacher. Children enjoyed stretching and moving through a tour of the jungle!
2.00pm Cooking and bread making
3.00pm End of the day

*I have highlighted the visiting guests sessions