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This is happening and we have actually started a business…

This really is my first ever attempt at anything like this, and having read-up on blogging – it seems clear that a blog should be written in a relaxed way and should reflect how you speak! This seems so odd to me, as you may know, I am a teacher by profession and writing as you speak isn’t really common practice for report writing 🙁 So bear with me.

Tally and I started to talk about doing a business like this a few years ago, and over time we continued to chat about possible business avenues all of which stemmed back to school holiday care for children. We are both wildly passionate about providing stimulating, safe and fun activities for children in school holidays. We believe in enriching minds, building confidence, increasing
imagination and encouraging creativity. Our activities had to be original, fun and exceptionally different to anything else on offer. We did not want to be a standard holiday camp and instead wanted to push boundaries and simply be the best in our field.


Neither Tally or I have had any experience in starting a business, so there were many challenges on our path as we prepared for our start-up (where to start, who to talk to, how to be taken  seriously, what we would call ourselves, how to let people know we exist and blah, blah, blah). The first one was that of a venue – Tally amazingly found the best venue in Chelsea – and we really have lucked out with such a superbly equipped venue for children. The space is vast and the outdoor area is just a dream. Our planned activities could be easily run from this one secure site and we had no boundaries.

What we really could be sure of is that between the two of us, we had the necessary skills and desire to make this new business venture a huge success!

Until next time …..